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Why a Paid Press Release Distribution Service Is Economical in the Long Term

If you are planning to use press release as a part of your online marketing strategy, you must make sure you use the best distribution agency to maximize the reach of your news release. A paid press release distribution service will serve your purpose better because your news release will be posted on top online news websites.

Free press release distribution sites have limited distribution reach and will put your press release on news sites that may be completely irrelevant to your business, defeating the very purpose of writing one. The chances of reaching your targeted audience increase significantly when you use a paid service because your news reaches a large number of offline and online news channels across various media.

Paid press release sites allow you to add images and videos which help you grab the attention of your readers and create a better impact as readers are more attracted to content with images. Most paid sites also have social media sharing as a built-in feature so that readers looking to share your news release simply have to click to Tweet, ‘Like,’ or share.

AB Newswire is a popular paid press release distribution service that guarantees the maximum views for your releases. Your press release will be included on more than 500 top news websites and also on leading social media platforms.

Use Effective PR Submission To Boost Online Business Marketing Efforts

The internet has unleashed a plethora of opportunities for entrepreneurs and it has made e-business as one of the fastest growing segments. It presents infinite business opportunities that are unrestricted by geographical or demographical barriers. It is a highly dynamic and fiercely competitive field that requires smart online business marketing initiatives.

Internet marketing involves enhancing the visibility of your product by using cutting edge online marketing tools such as press release submission, blog writing, directory submission, PPC campaigns, search engine marketing, and so forth.

Press release submission not only enhances online visibility but also imparts credibility to your product or service. An established online news release distribution service can guarantee maximum visibility by targeting relevant prospects.

PR submission has immense potential to convert prospects and increase the relevant traffic to your business website in a credible way. It is also the most cost effective solution among all available internet marketing options.

PR services guarantee unmatched visibility for your news release by targeting qualified prospects. This is achieved by distributing the press release to plethora of news as well as media websites comprising local, regional, national, and even international sites.

Hundreds of news and media websites are targeted apart from TV and radio channels. These service providers leave no stone unturned to expose your press release to the relevant prospects and include press release even in trade and industry websites to generate quality traffic.

Enhanced traffic volume is no more a prudent way of measuring the effectiveness of online business marketing campaigns. What is more significant is the generation of relevant traffic by targeting likely prospects.

Trustworthy reporting in terms of live link reports backed by Google title search is the backbone of established PR service providers. Clients are also offered access to in-depth visibility reports with traffic status.

Press release submission is the ideal online business marketing solution to increase relevant traffic. Reputable service providers such as ABNewswire offer outstanding SEO support including up to 5 back-links for every PR to drive presold prospects at your doorstep. Its unique social media coverage and blog outreach further guarantee relevance of traffic.  

Look for a Quality Agency for your Press Release Submission

Press release , media release, press statement or news release are important part of marketing related and other communication intended for present and potential customers of the organization and its other important stakeholders. Press release submission through a reputable press release agency can provide a real boost to an organization’s marketing and branding effort.

Press releases are important relationship building tools. They are a credible way of providing latest and up-to-date and information about an organization and its product and services, and building a long lasting relationship with the customers of the company.

Press releases are an important communication tool for the present and potential customers, journalists, financiers, stakeholders and partners of the firm. It is through the press releases that these people come to know about the organization’s latest product and services, and any awards or recognition the company may have received.

Press releases are fundamental tool for marketing and sharing newsworthy events with the outside world. More often than not, the information contained and provided by press releases are an important indicator of the way the business is progressing.

You need to hire the services of a well-established and reputed press release firm for your press release submission. They have tie ups with many websites and all these will carry your press releases giving it maximum online exposure. Quality firms also provide high quality SEO support to improve the ranking of your press releases. This will enhance your online presence and bring in more revenues for your business.

Some analysts have described press releases as "the granddaddy of public relations writing vehicles." The rapid penetration of internet and related technologies has changed the way press releases are distributed. You can opt for online press releases if you wish to generate the maximum publicity without putting too much strain on your budget.

ABNewswire is one quality agency that should be the ideal choice for any firm wishing to attract customers and investments through their press release submission.

It Pays To Submit Press Releases Online By Using Reputable News Release Distribution Services

There are various marketing campaigns to improve brand image as well as brand awareness. Press release distribution is one of the most economical and surest ways to improve brand visibility as well as enhance its credibility. You can achieve multiple objectives when you submit press releases online. You can reach across demographically diverse and geographically remote audiences to reach the desired level of exposure for your news as well as your brand.

A major highlight of using online distribution of press releases is wide circulation. Leading distributors can guarantee the inclusion of your press release on hundreds of news websites like local, regional, and national websites. You can also reach overseas audiences since these services also offer to distribute your press release to international news sites.

The salient feature of paid press release distribution is assured inclusion of your press release on a plethora of news and media websites, thereby enhancing the probability of more and more readers viewing your press release. High value coverage on such a massive scale means you save on considerable costs when you submit press releases online by using the services of the right PR distributors.

Buying decisions are influenced by number of factors. Potential clients refer to online blog sites to get credible information about products and services. Submitting press releases to prominent blog sites ensures added credibility to brands.

Top PR services send the news release to major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and so forth. Internet users are commonly seen socializing on these platforms and by including press release on these websites there is better probability of more relevant prospects reading your release.

Leading service providers such as ABNewswire ensure amazing visibility for your news release when you submit press releases online through them.

Use The Power Of Press Release Submission To Boost Your Online Business Marketing Attempts

Relevant and regular traffic is food for the online business. There are many ways to generate and improve it, however, press release submission continues to be the most valuable and affordable tool that not only drives quality prospects to your website but also adds credibility to your product or service. Press release submission is fastest and most effective way to empower your online business marketing endeavor.

Well written and newsworthy press release that is distributed efficiently to the target audience can guarantee robust communication along with getting the desired response. Writing the perfect press release needs expertise and it is the most critical aspect to take care of before you submit press releases. If you are finding it difficult to create your own press release you can get an excellently written news release written by some of the leading press release distribution services, at quite affordable prices.

Press release submission guarantees instant traffic to your website since it is submitted to a wide array of news sites of leading newspaper and news agencies, media websites of leading TV and radio services, blog sites, and also to social networking channels. Press release services offer a selection of appropriate categories and the use of proper key words. They also provide several live links to drive presold prospects to your website and boost your online business marketing efforts.

Reputed press release distribution services ensure maximum visibility of your press release on targeted media sites as well as business websites depending on specific category. AB Newswire supports your online business marketing strategies by making your press release go places and bringing qualified prospects to your website in a cost effective manner. Their PR writing services are par excellence and affordable too.

Increase Visibility with Paid Press Release Distribution

When an organization aims to convey a message to a vast audience within a very short span of time a paid press release distribution service proves to be an excellent option to do so.

What is a press release?

Every organization comes across situations when it has to reach out to its clients, customers, readers, etc. with some important message. These messages contain an element of news and should not to be missed by the intended audience. Realizing their significance, public notices are issued across various channels in the form of print, audio, and video messages.

These published and broadcast messages are called press releases. Press releases can be found in newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and the internet.

What makes an effective press release?

The basic aim is to get a message across to the intended audience effectively. A poorly drafted release can often get rejected at the editor’s desk and never reach the audience. When writing a press release two basic points can prove to be helpful.

Keep it simple: What is important is the message. Keep the language simple and crisp to enable the reader to understand it well. Beating around the bush and using flowery language does not help here. Creativity should be reserved for advertisements.

Be on time: A message delivered late is often of no value. To fulfill the purpose of getting press releases published make sure to get it done on time. In this fast-paced, internet world it is possible to submit press releases online, which would ensure minimum loss of time.

The media industry is booming with numerous newspapers, radio channels, television channels, internet etc. The internet alone has various platforms like social networking sites, blogs, search engines, RSS feeds, and so on. To reach out to the various forms of media, organizations like AB Newswire offer paid press release distribution services where they ensure that a particular press release gets maximum visibility.

Enhance Readership Of The News Release By Using Right Online News Release Distribution Service

The basic objective of circulating a news release is to spread it out to maximum possible number of readers. If the online news release distribution service you choose offers wider coverage of news websites compared to your competitors, you can rest assured of better possibility of your news release reaching out to the desired target audience.

There are distinct advantages when you choose the right service to circulate your news release. It not only ensures a broadest possible outreach by including your news release on hundreds of news websites, but also facilitates live links to bring back the prospects to your door.

You can view all the published links along with the Google title search, the facility offered only by the right online news release distribution service. These services not only include the news service on several news websites but also ensure that the same is sent to hundreds of blogs as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Tweeter.

Practically thousands of Google indexed pages can be seen for your press release. This way there is hardly any possibility of your news release not reaching your target customers. The right economical press release distribution service can ensure inclusion of the news release on hundreds of media websites at minimal costs. You can achieve the widest possible coverage at prices as low as $40 for a month.

Swift Distribution

The news release is processed instantly after submission to the right online news release distribution service. Within a matter of few hours the news release is sent out after review by the editors. The report is available after 12 hours, and in just 2-3 days, one can be sure of complete visibility. 

Choosing the Top Press Release Writing Services Can Help You Get Greater Exposure for Your News

In any business, it is important to keep your clients informed of the changes you are making in your business in terms of plans, management, or new products. Using press release writing services can help you convey the latest development on your business front to your clients. Regular press releases can help you establish a consistent relationship with your clients. Professionally written press releases can also be great for creating a better exposure for your business.

It is important that you use professional and reputable press release writing services to create a press release that has the right elements and creates the intended impact. There are companies who write their own news releases and choose an online distributor to get it across to various online news websites and news blogs.

You must know how to write a press release so that it gets acceptance not among editors, but also among your clients. Your press release must have a catch, attractive title that catches the attention of your audience and increases search engine visibility. The content is equally important and must be in a form that’s informative, but not overly promotional. Providing a link that takes readers to your website is vital to let your potential clients know more about your business and achievements.

ABNewswire is one of the best press release writing services around and perhaps the only one that guarantees inclusion of your news on 500 plus news websites in addition to providing guaranteed coverage in a wide cross section of media websites. Their services are competitively priced.

Role of Effective Press Release Distributions

Companies with a global presence aim to extend out to the overseas markets and consumers in the most effective manner possible. This can only be achieved if we are able to reach out to the target audience through effective press release distributions. So it is time that we understand the difference between a news release that gets an average response from the one that is bound to succeed.

A large number of guiding forces determine whether your press release will be an effective one or not. An effectual press release should reach the target audience. If it fails to do so, no matter how well written it is or how extensively you distribute it, the end result will be unsatisfactory. So to achieve a desirable end result, first and foremost, identify your target audience.

The second factor, and the most vital one, is actually searching out the best online site for press release distributions. An experienced and knowledgeable distribution service provider is what you need for doing the job since they will be well aware of the partner sites and media, and can provide you with the right exposure for your business.

The aim of a company should be to invest in an effective distribution service, which can be made possible by searching for the best press release distribution site. If the distribution service provider is competent enough, a company’s aim of making it big will undoubtedly turn into a reality.

Successful press release distributions will take care that our efforts are not wasted. Also, the message we intend to spread will be delivered effectively to our potential customers. This will complete our business strategy and help us convert our dreams into reality.

A Free Press Release Trial Offer Helps Evaluate Services Before Paying Money

Free press release trial offer is an excellent option when you wish to judge a particular service provider. What can be a better way to check different features, as you do not have to spend any money before deciding to develop a long-term relationship with a service provider.

All the Features Are Available

As far as free press release distribution is concerned, most of the people feel that they will not be able to get the benefit of all the features because the service provider is not charging any money for this service. However, this is far away from the truth in many cases. A lot of companies in the market provide all the features, so that you can evaluate their services.

Publicity is an essential part of the business, if you want to survive in the highly competitive market conditions. Business institutes try different techniques to promote their products or services. However, most of these methods are expensive. Free Press Release Submission can be a great tool because you are able to accomplish the task in an economic manner.

Suppose your company has decided to bring a new product in the market and you organize an event to successfully launch it. The key point here is that a prospective customer will come to attend the event only if he or she has prior information about the product.

So, what you should do now? Explore the Internet to find out a good company with Free Press Release Trial Offer Once you arrive at a decision regarding credibility of the company, use its services to reap benefits of this instrument. 

The Power of Online News Release Distribution Service

The days are gone when press releases by PR firms were solely aimed at bringing media coverage for their clients. The web has changed the dynamics of press releases, so the objective of press releases being there only for a newsworthy announcement is no longer worthwhile. Press releases are now a vehicle for blogs, companies, etc. to rank on search engines, for direct marketing of their products, and for many other utilities too. An online news release distribution service can do diversified jobs in creating and distributing releases to different online as well as offline agencies.

How to Reach Readers through Online Press Release Submission?

The internet has opened a new avenue for online press release submission, since it is now available to the general readers, and not just journalists. Internet giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. frequently publish important and well-crafted press releases through their news services. It means that with a single (and well written) press release you can find thousands of potential readers overnight. And then again, with social media, RSS feed, etc. your PR release will be distributed to other sources.

Should you hire a Professional?

The answer is not that simple. There are online news release distribution services that can distribute your services to quality sites, but you can also do that on your own. But if you are inexperienced and lack the knowledge of submitting press releases properly, hiring is the best option. Unlike traditional press releases, online news releases have no strict regulations as such, but you must know all about the various technicalities of the web.

Maximize Your Reach with the Best PR Newswire Service

PR professionals continue to rate press release as the number one tool for communicating news about important events and developments in their organization to the relevant media. However, for getting the intended results, it is important that you choose the best PR newswire service for distribution of your press release.

One of the worst mistakes a PR professional can do is literally stuff the media desks with news releases that are not really newsworthy. Other mistakes include filing news that is clearly unrelated or irrelevant to the audience they are targeting. A good PR newswire will always monitor the worthiness and also the relevance of the releases they send. A responsible organization will send news to a news distribution service only when they have something really important to announce.

A news release must be crafted to make it interesting and relevant to your market segment. One cardinal rule of every press release is that it should not sound promotional or read like an advertisement. It is not the job of a press release distribution site to advertise your product.

A professionally written press release must grab the attention of the editor within the first few lines. This calls for competent writing by experienced writers. That’s why PR experts suggest you get your press releases written by proven and competent writers experienced in the art of writing good, compelling releases.

Choosing an economical press release distribution service will work to your benefit because it can help you in maximizing the reach of your release at minimum cost. An established PR newswire distributor will be able to give your news the widest exposure online.

How to get an Online Press Release Submission Service

There are many companies that offer online press release submission which allows businesses to test the advantages of a press release for their growth. Every entrepreneur looks for ways to promote his business and advertise his company’s products and services. Advertisements allow your business to be known by prospective clients and this could be through online means, television or radio.

What is online press release submission service: Although advertisements typically mean a large expenditure, you can also find marketing techniques that are free of cost. A perfect example of such free online business marketing is a free press release. Free online press release submission is basically a free of cost service which lets you showcase your business to your niche audience.

In choosing an online news release distribution service, you must verify the credentials of the company offering this service. You must also find out about its media partners. The company must essentially have a good following and must enjoy an excellent reputation. It should be approved and accepted by large sections of people and should not be limited to only a single channel or blog; rather, it should be linked to many news websites and radio stations or local television stations.

Getting companies to do online press release submission is the best way to get maximum coverage without having to spend a fortune on advertising. Many companies even allow you to customize the release by inserting keywords, links etc. to catch the viewer’s attention. This is the most cost-effective way of updating the world about the most recent changes in your services and converting prospective customers into actual buyers.

How to Choose a PR Newswire Service

PR newswire services help businesses increase their reputations and market presence. Press release distribution services are different in the quality and type of services they offer. Here are some of the things you need to look for in a newswire service.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the primary requirements in any newswire service. Any press release distribution service should be able to guarantee and deliver significant ROI for your press releases.

Ask about the minimum coverage the service can guarantee. Make sure that the trade publications are indeed industry specific, and relevant to your business or organization.

Free trials are some of the easiest and most reliable ways of testing the cost-efficiency of any service. Many of the best PR newswire services offer special free trial offers where you can test drive their complete list of services for free.

Low Price

Look for an economical press release distribution service that can deliver cross-platform distribution of press releases. For instance, it’s better to opt for a newswire service that offers distribution across print, online, television and radio channels than those that offer only one or two media channels. The former, even if it is of a slightly higher price, is more cost-effective in the longer run in comparison to the second type.

Ask for customer testimonials and referrals. Contact some of the former clients and ask about their experiences with the service. Visit us today to learn more about our winning PR newswire service packages. 

3 Must-Read Reasons for Investing in PR Newswire Services

Press release or PR newswire services can help businesses and organizations develop a positive industry buzz about their products and services.

Press releases are a tried and tested method of gaining visibility in the industry and marketplace. New generation PR newswire services have optimized traditional press release distribution techniques to fit the 21st century business and marketing world. Here’s how next generation newswire services can help boost your market presence.

Make a Splash in Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, newswire services can optimize your press releases so that they grab the attention of social media users. Whether it’s a cool video link for Facebook or an attention grabbing infographic for Pinterest, newswire services ensure that your press releases generate a constant buzz among your target demographic.

Build an Affordable Marketing Campaign

Press releases are some of the most inexpensive and cost-effective marketing tools. Anyone can hire an economical press release distribution service to create a positive business image.

Keep Clients and Partners Up to Speed
Press releases are amazingly easy to write and publish. The average press release is less than 500 words and can be produced, edited and published in a matter of hours. This makes them the perfect tool to keep clients, industry watchers and business partners in the loop.

Publish one to two press releases every week to create a reputation for being a happening company that is going places.

Visit our website today to know how we can help you kick start your own PR newswire campaign. 

Online Press Release Submission Can be Extremely Rewarding for Your Brand

Online press release submission is a conventional press release distributed through online channels. It is fast becoming a popular and effective way of sharing your company news and information about various events and happenings with a wider audience, relevant to your niche. Press releases can be used to generate awareness about an upcoming event or a recent development in your organization.

The first thing you should ask while writing a press release is whether it is news worthy and relevant to your readers. Identifying your target audience and ensuring that the release reaches them is equally important for the press release to achieve its intended objectives.

Gets Enormous Publicity for Your Brand 

There are numerous benefits of online press release submission. One of the major benefits is that it drives traffic to your site. The opportunity to generate relevant traffic and drive it back to your website increases with the number of links you have circulating through the major search engines. Another advantage is that you get enormous publicity for your company at almost negligible cost. By optimizing your press releases and adding relevant links, you can increase the ranking of your website in search engine indexes.

Press releases are emerging as important and highly effective tools to increase link popularity. Also, the more press releases you submit, the better are the chances of establishing a presence on the internet. You can enhance your brand reputation significantly by submitting newsworthy press releases about recent company events and show your audience and other concerned individuals, what you are up to. Press releases are the best resource for establishing relationships with potential clients or strategic partners.

Make Sure all the Components are in Place

Care should be taken to create a press release that has all the elements in the right place and written by a professional. Generally, press releases stick to the same format so that they can be shared internationally and understood by the media and even the average reader. Your press release must incorporate components in the proper format so that your finished copy meets the best standards.

The title of your press release must be engaging and informative and at the same time, it must be optimized for search engines. The format must be such that it gets the main point across to the readers quickly and also adequately coveys keywords to search engines. For a press release the headline is not only the title of the text, it is also the title tag of the web page. It means the title will be crawled by search engines and used for indexing it on the search engine result pages.

In most press releases, subtitles are not always important but SEO experts try and take advantage of the available opportunity to introduce more relevant keywords in the subtitles. The opening or introductory paragraph is the most important part of the press release in many ways and must effectively incorporate the main purpose of the press release.

Online press release distribution is a great way of making your company’s presence felt and improving the image of your brand. It helps establish relationships with potential clients as well.

Submit Press Release Free and Get the Widest Coverage

If you are looking for a press release distribution service to submit free press release to the right people at the right price, then is your answer.

Companies looking to take their news to their targeted audience prefer using because of their guaranteed coverage and innovative ways of helping your news reach beyond traditional media outlets. They boast of making your press releases reach the farthest frontiers of your market at the lowest cost and it seems like they are doing a good job of it because their client list is burgeoning steadily.

The purpose of a press release is to announce the launch of a new product or service, a new feature, the result of a successful project or a meeting of your shareholders and important decisions that your board takes from time to time, among others. There are thousands of business segments and sub-segments that are covered exclusively by different journalists and media outlets. When you submit press release, it must achieve its primary objective of conveying the exact message and to the audience it is intended for.

Quite often, companies end up spamming the mailbox of journalists that are irrelevant to their niche. It is a complete waste of effort and time. Your press release must not only cover the news or announcement it wishes to convey but it must also reach the right audience. helps you do precisely that with their professional approach and rich expertise in handling press releases they way they must be handled.

AB Newswire offers guaranteed minimum coverage across 150 specifically targeted news sites that are relevant to your business industry when you submit press release through them. Your releases will be on online media outlets such as news websites, which more and more people prefer using as compared to offline resources. They make sure your press release reaches out to every credible news website relevant to your business.

AB Newswire also targets conventional print media outlets such as newspapers, trade publications, journals, TV stations and radio, which are media outlets that has remained remarkably relevant despite all the innovations and advancements in internet technology. In fact, they have effectively segmented the radio stations where your message would reach those people you want to reach out to.

AB News Wire guarantees you a service that comes with high value coverage across the widest range of media platforms spread across demographics, cultures and geographic locations. You are assured of coverage across 150 news websites and 150 news blogs. You can also access 150 Twitter accounts and get 250,000 plus Twitter followers. Your news will be flashed on a minimum of 150 Facebook accounts and will get you a guaranteed 200,000 plus FB ‘likes’.

AB Newswire is offering a grand festive season free trial offer. First time users can get the standard $79.95, fully loaded package absolutely free. You can avail of the offer by simply registering on their site. They don’t renew accounts without approvals unlike some other services.

To know how to submit press release on this site and for other relevant details, visit

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Making the Most of Your SEO Press Release

The objective of a SEO press release is to get higher rankings in news search results. However, keyword stuffing is a common issue in such releases and can generate a negative user experience resulting in damaging the objective of your press release. Making an online press release SEO friendly is not easy and requires handling by experienced writers and SEO specialists. Unlike a regular press release which is simply written and sent out for publication, this one must be properly optimized to generate maximum exposure among targeted readers.

How to Maximize the Reach of Your SEO Release

There are specific ways of making your press release SEO friendly. One of the most effective ways is to include at least one link and a couple of anchor text links. Online press releases offer great scope for linking your document to your website. It can help drive targeted traffic to your site. A thumb rule that’s commonly used is to include one link for every 100 words. Some press release distribution services do put a cap on the number of links you can add.

When you are using a SEO press release you must remember to optimize the headline with the most important keyword which makes the press release potentially rank for a related search. Choosing the services of a reputed and trusted press release distribution service is heavily recommended because it can help you get better attention from reporters and online news sites and blogs. Popular search engines trust reputable and established press release distribution services to distribute quality content and not spam.

Another established way to get more attention and exposure for your SEO press release is to publish it on your own site after making slight changes. This way, an interested party who wants to link to the press release will be able to link to your website. A positive offshoot of this method is that your website will have fresh content which will help search engine spiders to revisit your site and index it.

Choose a Competent and Proven Distribution Service

You must make sure the press release distribution service you choose does promote your releases on popular social media sites to give it the widest exposure. Not all PR distribution sites take the trouble of posting on sites you want to. If you are forced to do the heavy lifting to get noticed, get a better service provider who has an impeccable reputation of maximizing the reach of press releases to niche sites and blogs.

Your social network must be aware of what’s going on in your organization. Posting links of your press release on your social profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and others to keep your niche audience informed of the latest news and events. Give them more reasons to connect with your brand, product or services.

Your PR distribution service must be really efficient if you have to make the most of your SEO press release. SEO is an ever-changing field and very difficult to master fully. Your distribution service can help you by providing tips and suggestions on how to do it right in the changing scenario.