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3 Must-Read Reasons for Investing in PR Newswire Services

Press release or PR newswire services can help businesses and organizations develop a positive industry buzz about their products and services.

Press releases are a tried and tested method of gaining visibility in the industry and marketplace. New generation PR newswire services have optimized traditional press release distribution techniques to fit the 21st century business and marketing world. Here’s how next generation newswire services can help boost your market presence.

Make a Splash in Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, newswire services can optimize your press releases so that they grab the attention of social media users. Whether it’s a cool video link for Facebook or an attention grabbing infographic for Pinterest, newswire services ensure that your press releases generate a constant buzz among your target demographic.

Build an Affordable Marketing Campaign

Press releases are some of the most inexpensive and cost-effective marketing tools. Anyone can hire an economical press release distribution service to create a positive business image.

Keep Clients and Partners Up to Speed
Press releases are amazingly easy to write and publish. The average press release is less than 500 words and can be produced, edited and published in a matter of hours. This makes them the perfect tool to keep clients, industry watchers and business partners in the loop.

Publish one to two press releases every week to create a reputation for being a happening company that is going places.

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