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Making the Most of Your SEO Press Release

The objective of a SEO press release is to get higher rankings in news search results. However, keyword stuffing is a common issue in such releases and can generate a negative user experience resulting in damaging the objective of your press release. Making an online press release SEO friendly is not easy and requires handling by experienced writers and SEO specialists. Unlike a regular press release which is simply written and sent out for publication, this one must be properly optimized to generate maximum exposure among targeted readers.

How to Maximize the Reach of Your SEO Release

There are specific ways of making your press release SEO friendly. One of the most effective ways is to include at least one link and a couple of anchor text links. Online press releases offer great scope for linking your document to your website. It can help drive targeted traffic to your site. A thumb rule that’s commonly used is to include one link for every 100 words. Some press release distribution services do put a cap on the number of links you can add.

When you are using a SEO press release you must remember to optimize the headline with the most important keyword which makes the press release potentially rank for a related search. Choosing the services of a reputed and trusted press release distribution service is heavily recommended because it can help you get better attention from reporters and online news sites and blogs. Popular search engines trust reputable and established press release distribution services to distribute quality content and not spam.

Another established way to get more attention and exposure for your SEO press release is to publish it on your own site after making slight changes. This way, an interested party who wants to link to the press release will be able to link to your website. A positive offshoot of this method is that your website will have fresh content which will help search engine spiders to revisit your site and index it.

Choose a Competent and Proven Distribution Service

You must make sure the press release distribution service you choose does promote your releases on popular social media sites to give it the widest exposure. Not all PR distribution sites take the trouble of posting on sites you want to. If you are forced to do the heavy lifting to get noticed, get a better service provider who has an impeccable reputation of maximizing the reach of press releases to niche sites and blogs.

Your social network must be aware of what’s going on in your organization. Posting links of your press release on your social profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and others to keep your niche audience informed of the latest news and events. Give them more reasons to connect with your brand, product or services.

Your PR distribution service must be really efficient if you have to make the most of your SEO press release. SEO is an ever-changing field and very difficult to master fully. Your distribution service can help you by providing tips and suggestions on how to do it right in the changing scenario.