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Submit Press Release Free and Get the Widest Coverage

If you are looking for a press release distribution service to submit free press release to the right people at the right price, then is your answer.

Companies looking to take their news to their targeted audience prefer using because of their guaranteed coverage and innovative ways of helping your news reach beyond traditional media outlets. They boast of making your press releases reach the farthest frontiers of your market at the lowest cost and it seems like they are doing a good job of it because their client list is burgeoning steadily.

The purpose of a press release is to announce the launch of a new product or service, a new feature, the result of a successful project or a meeting of your shareholders and important decisions that your board takes from time to time, among others. There are thousands of business segments and sub-segments that are covered exclusively by different journalists and media outlets. When you submit press release, it must achieve its primary objective of conveying the exact message and to the audience it is intended for.

Quite often, companies end up spamming the mailbox of journalists that are irrelevant to their niche. It is a complete waste of effort and time. Your press release must not only cover the news or announcement it wishes to convey but it must also reach the right audience. helps you do precisely that with their professional approach and rich expertise in handling press releases they way they must be handled.

AB Newswire offers guaranteed minimum coverage across 150 specifically targeted news sites that are relevant to your business industry when you submit press release through them. Your releases will be on online media outlets such as news websites, which more and more people prefer using as compared to offline resources. They make sure your press release reaches out to every credible news website relevant to your business.

AB Newswire also targets conventional print media outlets such as newspapers, trade publications, journals, TV stations and radio, which are media outlets that has remained remarkably relevant despite all the innovations and advancements in internet technology. In fact, they have effectively segmented the radio stations where your message would reach those people you want to reach out to.

AB News Wire guarantees you a service that comes with high value coverage across the widest range of media platforms spread across demographics, cultures and geographic locations. You are assured of coverage across 150 news websites and 150 news blogs. You can also access 150 Twitter accounts and get 250,000 plus Twitter followers. Your news will be flashed on a minimum of 150 Facebook accounts and will get you a guaranteed 200,000 plus FB ‘likes’.

AB Newswire is offering a grand festive season free trial offer. First time users can get the standard $79.95, fully loaded package absolutely free. You can avail of the offer by simply registering on their site. They don’t renew accounts without approvals unlike some other services.

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