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The Power of Online News Release Distribution Service

The days are gone when press releases by PR firms were solely aimed at bringing media coverage for their clients. The web has changed the dynamics of press releases, so the objective of press releases being there only for a newsworthy announcement is no longer worthwhile. Press releases are now a vehicle for blogs, companies, etc. to rank on search engines, for direct marketing of their products, and for many other utilities too. An online news release distribution service can do diversified jobs in creating and distributing releases to different online as well as offline agencies.

How to Reach Readers through Online Press Release Submission?

The internet has opened a new avenue for online press release submission, since it is now available to the general readers, and not just journalists. Internet giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. frequently publish important and well-crafted press releases through their news services. It means that with a single (and well written) press release you can find thousands of potential readers overnight. And then again, with social media, RSS feed, etc. your PR release will be distributed to other sources.

Should you hire a Professional?

The answer is not that simple. There are online news release distribution services that can distribute your services to quality sites, but you can also do that on your own. But if you are inexperienced and lack the knowledge of submitting press releases properly, hiring is the best option. Unlike traditional press releases, online news releases have no strict regulations as such, but you must know all about the various technicalities of the web.