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Why a Paid Press Release Distribution Service Is Economical in the Long Term

If you are planning to use press release as a part of your online marketing strategy, you must make sure you use the best distribution agency to maximize the reach of your news release. A paid press release distribution service will serve your purpose better because your news release will be posted on top online news websites.

Free press release distribution sites have limited distribution reach and will put your press release on news sites that may be completely irrelevant to your business, defeating the very purpose of writing one. The chances of reaching your targeted audience increase significantly when you use a paid service because your news reaches a large number of offline and online news channels across various media.

Paid press release sites allow you to add images and videos which help you grab the attention of your readers and create a better impact as readers are more attracted to content with images. Most paid sites also have social media sharing as a built-in feature so that readers looking to share your news release simply have to click to Tweet, ‘Like,’ or share.

AB Newswire is a popular paid press release distribution service that guarantees the maximum views for your releases. Your press release will be included on more than 500 top news websites and also on leading social media platforms.